Air Con Anywhere

What do we mean ‘anywhere’? …exactly what we said ‘anywhere’. Of course it’s possible to install an Air Conditioning set up to office buildings and homes, but what about Static Homes or Garden Offices? We’ve spent our time in these locations and when it’s hot, they’re hot – no matter how you attempt to cool…
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How Do You Cool Your Servers

Hot Servers Reduce Efficiency & Lifespan Do you have servers? Are they situated in a dedicated server room? Are you reliant on them with your staff working at home? As we’re sure you are aware, servers need to be cooled and the process of cooling servers is a bit of a science, requiring clever logistics…
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Where Have We Been?

Long time no see or erm…type? Firstly, let’s start with the weather – why wouldn’t we? It’s been glorious, with the odd dull day just to remind us just how great the sun is and what’s on the way. We hope you’ve enjoyed the sunny days and made the most of them? We have –…
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What Would Have Made This Weekend Perfect?

…Air Con of Course Hot or Cold at the Flick of a Switch So there goes the weekend and the warm sun and here comes the cold front – but don’t panic, that glorious weekend was just a taster for you to experience the summer that is on its way. Now I don’t know about…
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Keep Calm and get Air Con

Here comes the sun… Bob’s ready for the summer – are you? Hopefully you should all know who I’m talking about when I say ‘Bob’? He’s the face of ‘cool’. In fact, Bob is so cool, he is the face of summer for SRS. Having been in the Air Conditioning business since he was just…
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Increase productivity

Increase productivity and comfort in your work place

Increase productivity and comfort in your work place with an air conditioning system from SRS Facilities In today’s technological world, offices are filled with computers, photocopiers and a host of other electrical equipment that radiate heat. Together with a raised outdoor temperature, this can create a hot and stuffy work environment. What impact can this…
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benefits of air conditioning

What are the benefits of air conditioning? You can almost feel summer in the air. It’s a beautiful time of year. But, for others, it can be incredibly stifling. When it comes to long, summer days, they can be even longer if you live within a hot area. So, what are you options? Spritz you with endless supplies of water? Or,…
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Get a good nights rest with cool air conditioning

As the weather hots up, our capacity for a good nights sleep reduces, thus making us grouchy and irritable. Consider installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit in your bedroom to help you sleep like a baby. Everyone’s ideal sleeping temperature is different, and what’s comfortable for you might not be comfortable for someone else.…
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Heat stress

Are your employee’s suffering from heat stress?

SRS can help you create the perfect temperature in your workplace, keeping your employees and customers comfortable at all times of the day and night. The Health and Safety Executive have issued work place guidelines giving employers advice on how to reduce the risk of heat stroke in the work place. Click here to download…
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April 2021