Commercial Air Conditioning

Workplace and office air conditioning

At SRS Facilities, we understand that maintaining a comfortable temperature in your workplace environment is paramount for keeping your staff comfortable and happy. Being able to control the temperature at the touch of a button and keep a constant temperature in your building or workplace is also good for health and wellbeing. From small home offices to large retail premises, small shops to factory-sized outlets and office blocks or towers, SRS offer a wide range of efficient office air conditioning, energy saving systems that will suit your commercial air conditioning needs.

Perfect temperature control at the touch of a button…

Keeping your customers at the right temperature is as important as your staff members. There is nothing worse than walking into a commercial or retail building and being too cold or too hot. We will not only install the system that is right for your workplace but we will train you and setup the ideal temperatures that we feel is the best for the area. All of our air conditioning solutions will help maintain the right temperature, creating a comfortable environment all year round. All of our products are as energy-efficient as possible, helping you to reduce both your operational costs and carbon footprint. Most of the systems we offer can actually save you money over conventional heating systems.

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Server room air conditioning

Most offices require a computer server room and it is vital to ensure that computer hardware and equipment is running at an optimal temperature to ensure that servers do not overheat causing them to slow down, shut down, over heat and blow up. Getting the correct server room air conditioning system is paramount. SRS can assess what you need and install high quality equipment. We also recommend putting in place a support contract so you can call us if there is a problem. Whether you house a single server or an entire server room, SRS Facilities have the expertise to keep your servers cool and operational all year round. We can provide you with a free on site survey for your server room air conditioning. All surveys are carried out by our experienced air conditioning engineers who can handle any type of server room installation.

Retail air conditioning

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is key to keeping customers and staff happy. Air conditioning is not only to keep the air cool, it is equally effective as a heating system and can rapidly heat an area to a comfortable temperature. The quality units that SRS install are very efficient and can save you money compared to old fashioned heating systems. Installing an air conditioning unit in the correct place is also key to prevent disruption and discomfort to existing staff members.

Healthcare air conditioning

Climate in the healthcare industry is vital and plays an important role in preserving a sterile and healthy environment for patients and staff. Some of the units we offer are specifically designed for these type of practices and can actively kill airborne viruses and help with allergies. We have installed healthcare air conditioning into all types of health industry areas including surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, vets and dental labs.

Regular maintenance contracts and repairs.

At SRS, we are not just about installing new equipment, we also undertake repairs to existing equipment if it is financially worthwhile. In addition, we provide regular maintenance agreements to keep your equipment performing at it’s best and safe guarding the longevity of your products. To find out about a regular office air conditioning maintenance contract, please call us for details.

Energy Savings

Reap the rewards of the latest energy saving heating solutions with an air conditioning unit from SRS Facilities Ltd.

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