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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are very common for offices, healthcare and retail environments. They are normally the most expensive option but they have the advantage of being hidden away within a suspended ceiling with only small grills or openings visible in the ceiling or walls. Installing a ducting air conditioning system is better when an office is being built however SRS Facilities can replace or install if the office or workplace has suspended ceilings with minimal disruption. We can supply you with different types of vents and grills that will suit your style. Ducted air conditioning is perfect for hotel air conditioning, health care air conditioning, shop air conditioning and office air conditioning.


  • Auto start
  • Weekly Programs
  • Auto Change Over
  • Two Thermostat Controls
  • Standby Power Is Zero
  • Zone control and Central Controller (optional)
  • 3 stage selectable static pressure setting
  • Digital inverter large outdoor unit
  • Ideal for larger shops and retail premises
  • Outdoor unit 400V, 3 phase supply
  • High efficiency twin rotary inverter compressor
  • Space-saving small footprint.
Ducted Air Conditioning

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