Darker Nights, Colder Days

None of that need effect you when you invest in Air Conditioning – and we do mean ‘invest’. Air Conditioning  is not only extremely fast and effective, it’s also reliable and energy/cost efficient. Why Air Con & Not Radiators How long does it take you to heat a room when you turn on your heating?…
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Simple Benefits

This is a very simple concept to understand, however, with the current climate enforcing people to work at home, maybe now isn’t the time to install air conditioning as no one is in the office. Now repeat the last part of that sentence – ‘the time to install air conditioning as no one is in…
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Air Con – The All Year Round

A/C In The Winter – You Must Be Mad For too long now Air Con has been the misunderstood companion of offices, shopping centres and holiday apartments/hotel rooms. Regularly bemoaned and complained about, A/C or Air Con is often set too cold at too high a speed and left to blast its recipients into the…
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The Cracks Are Beginning To Show

Where Did It Go Wrong Not wishing to bang the ‘Carillion Drum’ for too much longer but it’s not going away anytime soon and there are too many lessons to be learnt to step away without searching through the wreckage. With an organisation of Carillion’s size comes immense responsibility – not only with its workers…
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Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Be Prepared

Bought And Paid …and usually forgotten – until whatever it is stops working. When you make the decision to invest in Air Conditioning for your home or business, you do it (usually) after lots of research. You spend time looking, costing, comparing and looking some more before that final leap – and once you do, you…
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It’s Not All Air Con

The summers come and the summers go and we’re very grateful for the beautiful weather that encourages folk to invest in Air Con – and it is most definitely an investment. However, it isn’t just about Air Conditioning. At SRS Facilities we pride ourselves on our quality and professionalism. Constantly learning and developing our techniques…
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Benefits To See You Through To Next Summer

….and on and on – you get the picture In May we wrote a post boasting that we can install Air Conditioning pretty much anywhere that needs it. Well, we have proven this by linking in with Parkdean Resorts on Hayling Island. We have installed an Air Conditioning unit in their show caravan and now…
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Portable Air Conditioning

It’s not what it was… ….it’s so much better! We’ve now taken delivery of Portable Air Conditioning Units as a trial and all we can say is – WOW! They are sleek, easy to use, remote controlled, quiet and more importantly, they actually provide cold air! We’ve seen many units claim to provide cooling air, but…
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Home air conditioning

Cooler Homes

Windows just don’t fill the gap Now we’re seeing the mercury rise and the average household hit temperatures of between 20-24 degrees in the evenings – sleeping becomes an uncomfortable issue. A close and muggy bedroom with a window open is still a close and muggy bedroom but with a hole in the wall. Add…
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Bob Is Back!

…and he’s working wonders! Here we are almost 2 months to the day that #bobtheboxer hit the computers and doormats of the good people of the south. The response to our ‘Get Ready’ for summer campaign using our good looking boxer did well. Engaging, fun and factual – you don’t need much more than that!…
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August 2022