The summers come and the summers go and we’re very grateful for the beautiful weather that encourages folk to invest in Air Con – and it is most definitely an investment. However, it isn’t just about Air Conditioning.

At SRS Facilities we pride ourselves on our quality and professionalism. Constantly learning and developing our techniques in an ever changing world of Facilities Management. Every day, as they say, is a school day.

When we received a call from a long standing customer with whom we’ve built a healthy working relationship, and they needed a new Freezer & Cold Room – not just built, but designed, from scratch. “Is this something you can do”? We certainly can.

In came Kevin…

Our next step was to send our Service Manager who is also our incredibly talented designer. He surveyed the area and with a handful of precise measurements, Kevin was happy and headed back to pen his new design.

Plans drawn, customer consulted, products purchased and work started. The SRS team were all involved in one way or another and the work on the cold room began. With the customer involved in all aspects of the build, they could see the progress and the room taking shape.

Within 2 weeks the cold room was completed and ready for use. We have realised after this installation that we need to show people just what SRS Facilities can do.

So here we are, putting ourselves out there and letting everyone know just what we can do. Yes, we install Air Conditioning anywhere that needs it – from shops, offices, homes, static homes and many other places, but we also provide a host of Facilities Management services and also the design, maintenance and building of freezer cold rooms.