None of that need effect you when you invest in Air Conditioning – and we do mean ‘invest’.

Air Conditioning  is not only extremely fast and effective, it’s also reliable and energy/cost efficient.

Why Air Con & Not Radiators

How long does it take you to heat a room when you turn on your heating? If you are lucky and have a good set of radiators and healthy boiler, even a small room will take 15-20 minutes to reach the temperature you’re hoping for. Now flip that and turn on your Air Conditioning unit, not only is it less expensive to run than gas, but it’s also going to have your room up to temperature in a matter of minutes!

In fact, we’re confident that you couldn’t make a cuppa in the time it takes to warm your selected room.

Already Have Air Con

That’s good! Do you use it? Do you maintain it? Are you using it to its full potential?

So many use their air conditioning in the wrong way – either throwing the temperature up through the roof and then feeling too hot, or dropping it through the floor and feeling like you’re sat in the tundra turning to ice!

A good A/C unit will sit at a constant temperature and maintain a comfortable feeling without you having to touch it.


Get in touch and let us give you options, ideas and information into what Air Con can do for you, your home or even work place. We are experts in our field and can provide you the right solution to fit your need, and more importantly, budget.