Bought And Paid

…and usually forgotten – until whatever it is stops working.

When you make the decision to invest in Air Conditioning for your home or business, you do it (usually) after lots of research. You spend time looking, costing, comparing and looking some more before that final leap – and once you do, you can sit back safe in the knowledge that all your hard work was worth it.

You unit works day in day out, keeping you warm, keeping you cool and never ask for anything in return – they are perfect. But what happens on that fateful day when they actually do want something back?

What’s the deal with that?!


Not unlike a car, your A/C unit has working parts, internal gases, electrical components and computers – we don’t expect our cars to serve their life without a little TLC. The same stands with your Air Con. Working relentlessly can cause most things to fail from time to time, so how can you prevent this?

The simple way to prevent problems is to be ahead of the curve. By regularly servicing your units, you can not only prevent a failure, you can also prolong their life and reduce your costs.

It’s a fact of life that businesses don’t want to spend out unnecessarily and when you pay for something and don’t see anything in return, you can be forgiven for feeling a little cheated – but take a step back and realise that by maintaining your unit, you are preventing that big spend or even worse, total loss of the unit.

What Next

Well now, that’s the easy bit. Get in contact with us and chat away with Kevin. We can tailor a bespoke service package that will suit your units and budget. Looking after your equipment makes sense and asking SRS Facilities for a quote is the next step. We look forward to hearing from you.