A/C In The Winter – You Must Be Mad

For too long now Air Con has been the misunderstood companion of offices, shopping centres and holiday apartments/hotel rooms.

Regularly bemoaned and complained about, A/C or Air Con is often set too cold at too high a speed and left to blast its recipients into the next ice age. Whereas, A/C, set at the correct temperature, correct speed and used at the correct times is not only ‘perfect’ but also energy efficient and can also provide a healthy working environment.

A/C is not just for the office. There are many homes that benefit from A/C. With multiple features, a well placed A/C unit can be used to heat a room quicker than any radiator can, cool a room better than any open window or fan, remove dampness with the handy dehumidifying setting better than any box of crystals or portable device and lastly be a fan better than any….well, you get the idea.

Ultimately, although the initial outlay may seem a little extravagant, all of the Air Conditioning systems we install are predominantly Toshiba and covered by a 7 year warranty, they are more energy and cost efficient than most electric heaters and they are built to be used all year round.

You don’t see folk crowding around a radiator to keep cool in the summer, nor do you see people huddling around a fan in the winter.

Still Not Grabbed You

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