Windows just don’t fill the gap

Now we’re seeing the mercury rise and the average household hit temperatures of between 20-24 degrees in the evenings – sleeping becomes an uncomfortable issue.

A close and muggy bedroom with a window open is still a close and muggy bedroom but with a hole in the wall. Add a small A/C unit, close the window and your bedroom transforms. Not only is the unit cleaning the air and removing the moisture & pollen, but it’s also pushing it back in cooler and making your nights sleep pleasant.

Forget the A/C units you may have experienced in bedrooms or apartments whilst on holiday. Those bad boys are on and working hard to make you cold. They dry your eyes and throat and can be quite unpleasant. However, the units fitted by us are not only a great deal more subtle, but you are in control – and that’s what makes the difference.

The ability to time when the unit turns on and off, adjust the temperature, the heat/cool/dry/fan setting (yes that’s right – Air Con doesn’t just make a room cold), the direction of the air flow and the power of the air – all of these things make this little beauty almost a necessity.

Isn’t it a little extravagant

Maybe you should just buy a fan? And why not? Well, how about the fact the fan you’ve just bought sits somewhere, rattling, buzzing and with 3 simple settings – bottom line – it’s just moving the warm air around a little faster.

The initial cost of Air Conditioning isn’t as great as you think and even better, nor is the cost of running the Air Con unit.

We have a customer who moved to a larger home and had Air Con fitted in all bedrooms, the kitchen and the living room. Having been there a year and reviewing their energy bill, their cost had reduced. Fact! They were so pleased/amazed they had to call to tell us.

We didn’t say ‘we told you so’, however, ‘we did tell them so’. It was great to hear someone so happy just because they trusted our advice.

The reason for this is the simple fact that the customer used their units to heat particular rooms through the Spring and Autumn. Rather than firing up their central heating and warming the entire house, they were shrewd and made use of all of the unit’s capabilities to heat specific rooms as well as cool them.

Where are we going with this?

We’ll tell you…What does a quotation cost? Nothing. Call us and let us show you what we can do and give you a costing to think about.

Air Con units, if looked after will last for years and serve you well. A/C, without doubt, is an investment