….and on and on – you get the picture

In May we wrote a post boasting that we can install Air Conditioning pretty much anywhere that needs it. Well, we have proven this by linking in with Parkdean Resorts on Hayling Island. We have installed an Air Conditioning unit in their show caravan and now offer units on new purchases along with existing customers.

With a small condenser unit working almost silently outside the Static Home, and the sleek wall unit doing its job inside, we have some very happy customers. Not only do the owners have the option to not be overheated during the summer, they also have warmth at their finger tips too should they need it.

Not Wishing The Summer Away

We appreciate that Summer hasn’t actually landed properly yet, but it’s not far away and with a brief taste of the heat that should be on its way, owners of these Static Homes and Caravans are acutely aware of the benefits of having Air Con along with the negatives of not having it. Once installed there are so many options.

So now, once summer is though (sorry – we need to go there), the residents of these Static Homes won’t feel the chill as they can switch to heat and feel warm and cosy!

What Next

Next – is more! It is that simple. With so many parks up and down the country, we will be (hopefully) showcasing to the Sales Team exactly what we can provide. With a rapid turn around, we can have units installed and working in no time at all. A cost effective solution to heat and an effective solution when it comes to cooling. What’s not to love? It’s a no brainer.

An investment that will serve you all the year through and on into the future.