…and he’s working wonders!

Here we are almost 2 months to the day that #bobtheboxer hit the computers and doormats of the good people of the south. The response to our ‘Get Ready’ for summer campaign using our good looking boxer did well. Engaging, fun and factual – you don’t need much more than that!

It’s now June and the weather is getting warmer, and rapidly so! Now we start to see our customers, old, new and existing start to call and want/need Air Conditioning.

Why do you need to ‘Get Ready’ before it gets hot?

This is simple – have you ever decided to go on a cycle ride and had all the best intentions? Food, sorted. Drinks, got them. Sun Cream, yep! Then you get to the bike, all ready to cycle off into the glorious day outside and you’ve got a flat tyre? Now your searching for a puncture repair kit, the enthusiasm is waining and your time is wasted.

Should’ve checked the bike first?

The same goes for your Air Conditioning System, Refrigeration units, cold rooms and chillers.

It’s all about staying ahead of the summer and being ready. We all know that working in hot conditions with a few windows open isn’t pleasant, nor is it productive.

As soon as the sun comes out, everything has to work that little bit harder, and if you’ve not looked after whatever it is you’re about to rely on for several months, that’s when you find your ‘puncture’. Without a little TLC and servicing, these units have to work harder and harder being pushed beyond their limits.

Before you get yourself and your business ready for the summer, check that air con. Show it a little care and affection before it has to look after you.

So what has Bob done?

Our friend Bob has raised awareness and grabbed peoples attention. With a little nudge in the right direction, people are taking the time to call us and give their Air Con units the once over. A fault or faulty part found before the unit is worked relentlessly through the summer can prevent a break down and no air con for days.

So take the advice of #bobtheboxer and “Keep Calm and get Air Con”, but if you already have Air Con, “Keep Calm and get it Serviced”

Here’s to the summer and a cool and efficient workplace.

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