What do we mean ‘anywhere’?

…exactly what we said ‘anywhere’.

Of course it’s possible to install an Air Conditioning set up to office buildings and homes, but what about Static Homes or Garden Offices? We’ve spent our time in these locations and when it’s hot, they’re hot – no matter how you attempt to cool them. They retain heat and do a great job of it, but sometimes it’s unwelcome. The same applies in the winter. Most static homes and outside offices will be heated by electric wall heaters. These are costly and take their time to warm up. The solution – you either deal with it and wrap up, go out and switch the heat on way before you use your office or just not bother and stay in the house.

What Can We Do For You?

Our engineers will assess which unit would be appropriate in order to cool or heat your space and also provide you with the service you need.

The use of garden offices is a cost effective way of utilising space to provide a home working environment without having to move house – therefore the initial outlay is so minor in comparison it’s a ‘no brainer’, however the positives of having this great space can easily be overshadowed by being too hot or too cold.

This is where Air Conditioning comes into its own. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter – quite, sleek and cost effective. Within minutes your home office can be beautifully cool or toasty warm – all controlled by you.

This solution works perfectly on static homes. With a thin insulated exterior wall keeping you from the elements, it’s not always easy to keep your home the right temperature. Having experienced a static home in the summer and winter, they are extremely good at holding the heat in the summer and getting cold in the winter. With our solutions, you are in control – not only of the temperature, but also when and how they turn on.

What To Do?

This is the easiest part. Call us, message us or email us. We will always respond and always have a solution to suit your needs – always! At SRS we pride ourselves on our knowledge and service. Our customers will attest to this and it is why we are a reliable name in the world of Air Conditioning.