Here comes the sun…

Bob’s ready for the summer – are you? Hopefully you should all know who I’m talking about when I say ‘Bob’? He’s the face of ‘cool’. In fact, Bob is so cool, he is the face of summer for SRS. Having been in the Air Conditioning business since he was just a pup, and that’s a good few years now, Bob knows exactly what unit is right for you…he has access to them all.

I’m sorry, Who is Bob? Well, let us introduce you to Bob the Boxer. He has everything ready for those hot sunny days – and you could too! We all love being warm and basking in the glorious sunshine, however, nothing beats that wash of lovely cool air to stop you feeling too hot and keep your house feeling fresh throughout the summer.

Although great for the home, we also fit Air Conditioning in offices, educational establishments, outdoor buildings, workshops, shops and pretty much anywhere that needs it. Working inside during the summer, feeling closed in and muggy isn’t at all pleasant, it can leave your valuable staff members feeling low and sap enthusiasm – but with Air Conditioning from SRS, your staff will feel refreshed and the working environment will be a much more productive place. Ask Bob, he’ll let you know that our offices are the perfect temperature all year round!

What do you mean you didn’t know that Air Conditioning can keep you warm too?

Stick with us and we’ll let you in on a few hidden gems and break a few myths about air conditioning. But for now, it’s nearly summer, don’t worry about warmth, worry about getting one of our engineers around to give you a competitive quote and then get ready to show off to your friends, colleagues or staff members the sleek, good looking and cool quiet thing in the corner…No, not Bob – one of our units!

Where to find us

If you have any questions about anything contained within this blog, please contact us in the office, via Facebook – SRS Facilities Ltd, twitter – @srsfaci1ities or LinkedIn – SRS Facilities Ltd – and keep an eye out for our new Instagram account and #bobtheboxer.

He’s way too cool for his own good!