…Air Con of Course

Hot or Cold at the Flick of a Switch

So there goes the weekend and the warm sun and here comes the cold front – but don’t panic, that glorious weekend was just a taster for you to experience the summer that is on its way. Now I don’t know about you, but Bob the Boxer was magnificently chilled this weekend. A dip in the paddling pool, drying off in the sun, a roll in the grass and then inside for a tall bowl of cold water and some crisp Air Con.

We’re not trying to make you envious, we just want to show you the benefits of our fantastic units. Only this morning Bob was feeling a little chilly (possibly down to the sun burnt snout – but we’re not allowed to mention it). Did he click on the central heating and warm the whole house, making sure to turn off the radiators that he didn’t need whilst making a note of which ones so he didn’t forget when the winter comes around again? No, of course not – mainly down to the fact that Bob the Boxer doesn’t have thumbs, but if he did, he’d have used them to turn on the Air Conditioning in his chosen room, and by the time he’d made a cup of tea (if he could), the room would be warm.

No excessive heating bills, no need to heat a house or faff with radiators. It’s just too easy – turn on the Air Con and switch it to ‘Heat’.

….we told you that Air Con doesn’t just make things cold.

Not Just For The Home

Once again we’re talking houses, but this works for offices and any where else you choose to place your Air Conditioning Unit. Why heat an office floor using radiators when the sleek and good looking units we provide can do it for you? Tuning on the heating takes time, and flicking that switch on the morning you need it would mean you and your staff feeling the chill until the radiators have started to heat up. Whereas, you walk into your office/office space/workshop and press the ‘On’ button and by the time you’ve boiled a kettle, your space is warming and being maintained at a constant temperature.

Seems too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it’s not. We love and believe in Air Con (I don’t know if you’ve noticed that with how much we rave about it), and you could too. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer and affordable, not to mention cheaper than running central heating for single days at a time.

The little secret…

We told you we’d let you into a few secrets of Air Con, and this one is a doozey! Do you or your family/staff/colleagues suffer with Hayfever? Well keep your windows closed and rely on the Air Con Units to filter out that pollen and stop you looking like you’ve been on a heavy weekend with friends. You’ll be cool with no itchy eyes, runny noses or sneezing episodes.

Here’s to a great week and the sunny weather – that’s your cue to pick up the phone to us and book us in. Go on, what have you got to lose? You will be very pleasantly surprised.