Hot Servers Reduce Efficiency & Lifespan

Do you have servers? Are they situated in a dedicated server room? Are you reliant on them with your staff working at home?

As we’re sure you are aware, servers need to be cooled and the process of cooling servers is a bit of a science, requiring clever logistics and planning during their installation. However, even with good placement of servers using ‘Hot Aisles’ and Cold Aisles’ you can’t prevent an enclosed space from retaining heat and moisture – two things that your servers don’t like.

The safe and optimal temperature for your server room is between 64.4f & 80.6f with the relative humidity between 45 & 50%.(1) Ignoring these guidelines will put your equipment at risk of damage and even shorten it’s lifespan. You could look at this scenario as a ‘risk’ and it ‘may’ cost you to replace or repair servers, but you could be missing the more serious issue.

What is actually on your servers

Your information, if unrecoverable after a failure can be catastrophic. Most of us have back-ups and look to reinforce our data, however, if you have no access to your data whilst you wait for a tech-expert to fix the problem, what are the effects to your business? Can you cope without your servers – even if only for an hour or two?

There is a simple and cost effective solution to prevent this problem, it isn’t world changing, it won’t break the bank and it will help to prevent your servers from overheating.

Air Conditioning

Our engineers will assess your server site to give you a clear and simple recommendation as to what you will require to cool the space occupied. More importantly, we’ll help you understand the Air Con we supply and fit.

There is still a stigma attached to Air Con with people believing that it’s not cost effective and expensive to run – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our units are sleek, quiet, effective and energy efficient – extremely energy efficient.

So, if you don’t have Air Con, have fans running 24/7, leave the door open, have the server racks set up with Hot & Cold Aisles or simply spend each day with your fingers crossed hoping that “they won’t get too hot…hopefully” – call SRS and let us come and give you our expert advice.

No hard sell, no horror stories and no pushy sales people – just people who know what they’re talking about who will offer you sound and clear advice.

The rest is up to you.

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