As the weather hots up, our capacity for a good nights sleep reduces, thus making us grouchy and irritable. Consider installing an energy efficient air conditioning unit in your bedroom to help you sleep like a baby.

Everyone’s ideal sleeping temperature is different, and what’s comfortable for you might not be comfortable for someone else. The key is to keep your bedroom at a “thermally neutral” temperature. According to Sleep Number, “thermally neutral means that our body doesn’t have to do anything to create heat (shiver) or shed heat (sweat) to compensate for being too cold or warm.”

The sleeping temperature recommended in various studies differed, but most studies recommended setting your thermostat to about 18.5ºC. Findings suggest that temperatures below 12ºC and above 24ºC have been shown to be disruptive to sleep.

SRS supply and install an array of energy saving and efficient air conditioning units which will ensure your room stays at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Information sourced from Chris Bailey,